2015 Tri-Service Event

10-14-15John Pollard

Linda Dinga, Director of Corporate Development, spearheads efforts of AFCEA NOVA’s Small Business Program executing critical events that pull together disparate actors under one umbrella, to further support global security by providing an environment that encourages close cooperation among the military, government agencies, and private industry.  In October 2015, AFCEA NOVA held an unprecedented Tri-Service event focused on Small Business. Government leadership and program managers from the Program Executive Offices (PEO) at the Navy, Army, and Air Force each presented their highlights of small business opportunities and provided insights for doing business with their respective organizations.

With almost 300 attendees representing 155 companies, along with representatives from the three services, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) the event was a huge success, largely due to Linda’s leadership in the information exchange session.  The session was a notable highlight, and will become an integral part of the program going forward for which Linda received public accolades and appreciation.

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