2019 In the Arena Award

09-28-19Website Administrator

The “In the Arena” award recognizes an employee who has gone above &  beyond, who has wholeheartedly stepped into “the Arena” to support the diverse customer base in all facets. As Director, Finance and Contracts, Ms. Zarlasht “Z” Mirbacha has dedicated steadfast effort, heart, and soul to the success of her corporate and subcontractor partner customer base, never wavering from the commitment to getting the job done. Z epitomizes an incredible level of commitment, competence, and innovation, serving as a prime example of “The Arena Way” of doing business. Demonstrating that the definition of customer extends to any and all that depend on us, she continues to astound us with a depth and breadth of financial prowess, detail-oriented focus, and exceptional work ethic. Thank you for all your continuing contributions to Arena’s success!

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