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Is Systems Engineering Extinct?

09-29-20Andy Skotnicki

What is Systems Engineering? If you’ve been in the industry any amount of time then you’ve probably heard a variety of answers. Although it’s actually not a difficult concept to understand, it is very difficult to execute, and most do

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To MBSE or Not to MBSE

10-05-20Andy Skotnicki

What is Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)? First and foremost, MBSE is Systems Engineering, and Systems Engineering is a multi-disciplined approach to the engineering of complex solutions. The key word here is engineering, not modeling

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Perspective: Looking at SAFe through an SE Lens

10-27-20Andy Skotnicki

Is SAFe compatible with Systems Engineering? The execution of Systems Engineering has been broken for a while. That’s a bold statement, I know, but likely not a surprise to anyone. So how can this be? We have more Systems Engineers today

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Is the Waterfall Approach Outdated?

11-20-20Andy Skotnicki

by Andy Skotnicki Rushing to find a better way to greater efficiency isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if done for the right reasons. The classic Waterfall approach (often referred to as the V-model in the SE community) represents an increme

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Is SysML Right for SE?

11-20-20Mark Simons

by Mark Simons It is fair to say that System Modeling Language (SysML) has had, at best, uneven success in system development. SysML has undergone three updates since first becoming an Object Management Group (OMG) standard in 2007 and is b

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