Business Advisory & Assistance Services

Running a government organization or successful business is not easy. Arena’s expert consultants can help your organization take it to the next level. We provide superior expertise in many business areas including:

Business Planning & Forecasting

Good financial planning is a key enabler of our clients. We ensure the efficient and effective management of financial resources to accomplish the goals of various government & business organizations. Arena develops objectives as well as requisite near & long-term financial forecasts for acquisitions, research and development, and operations.

Business Benchmarking & Performance Assessment

In order for you to understand where you are going, you need to know where you are. We help our clients assess their own business and performance challenges by providing robust benchmarking analysis including:

  • Establishing baselines to measure against
  • Identifying functional performance gaps
  • Prioritizing business process improvement initiatives
  • Defining quantitative and qualitative process metrics
  • Conducting root cause analysis
  • Providing objective assessments of program needs and current business operations to identify, prepare for, and implement suggested program enhancements

Arena investigates and documents the impact that specific groups and structures have on behavior within the organization and applies such knowledge towards improving our customer’s effectiveness.

Business Process Re-engineering & Management

Arena looks for opportunities to streamline and automate existing business processes and places increased emphasis on customer needs to increase agility and responsiveness with the ultimate goal of generating value. We provide resource planning and documentation of financial requirements while overseeing the implementation of mutually effective solutions. We develop an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity, enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes, which provide services or manage information.

Program Planning & Evaluation

We conduct informal and formal program needs & opportunity assessments. We work with the appropriate stakeholders to Implement program and project planning, management, and evaluation. We evaluate and clearly document programmatic outcomes and impacts. We ensure projects are planned and executed effectively and monitor projects/programs to ensure timely, accurate, and objective feedback on project status and health. We ensure delivery well within projected scope, schedule, and cost, while exceeding quality and benefits.

Business Process Governance & Compliance

We ensure the correct operation of all financial processes, as well as compliance with any finance-related mandates. We provide transparency, executive accountability, and effective corporate governance to ensure objectives are attained and to ensure compliance with all applicable legislation, regulation, and policy.



Since joining forces with Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA), Inc. in October 2021, we have worked diligently to integrate all aspects of our two companies, including our websites.

We encourage you to follow our continuing story on SPA’s website, where you will find the full set of our combined capabilities. As of July 11, 2022, we will no longer maintain this website, so please plan on visiting going forward.

Thank you all for your support!