Strategic Advisory & Assistance Services

Government organizations are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate goals and objectives.   Arena’s expert consultants can help your organization define and execute short term and long goals and objectives.

We provide superior expertise in many strategic advisory areas including:

Strategic Planning and Execution

Arena works closely with clients, consistently providing high quality end to end support for strategic planning and execution.  Arena’s professional staff guides the direction of overall strategies, including short- and long-term objectives identifying strategic issues and goals. While providing strategic leadership coaching and mentoring Arena guides the development of the strategic vision, mission, goals, and objectives ensuring the client is executing as planned.

Process Facilitation

Arena provides the framework to guide clients to brainstorm alternative approaches with experience in designing new processes and documenting improvements.   Arena guides the team generating constructive debate leading to a series of decisions developing strategic vision, mission, goals, and objectives. Arena monitors, and evaluates planning activities providing quantitative and qualitative outputs about the impact of process changes.

Market Analysis and Evaluation

Arena will help clients keep pace with change while ensuring cost efficiency and overall effectiveness identifying and prioritizing specific target markets.   Identifying client strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Arena will drive the assessment of environments in which the client competes, selecting and developing best opportunities for short- and long-term strategic goals and objectives.

Resource and Forecast Planning

Guiding the clients financial planning, analysis, forecasting, and analytical activities Arena ensures alignment of financial strategy with the client’s strategic vision, mission, goal and objectives providing measurable actions for execution.

Consensus Building

Arena plans and facilitates collaborative processes keeping stakeholders informed and involved ensuring clients are working towards common goals, as well as assessing and adjusting the direction in response to a changing environment.  Arena provides effective mediation of conflict to include problem definition and analysis; identification and evaluation of alternative solutions; decision-making; and approval of the assessed way-forward.

Risk Mitigation and Management

Arena coordinates and guides the activities of the client providing the tools to assist in the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks.

Scenario Planning and Formulation

Experience in a distinct functional or cross-functional analysis/assessment methodologies and associated tools Arena guides the client to forecast anticipated hidden weaknesses and in-flexibilities in methods and develop processes which go towards producing the client’s strategy.

Strategic Communications

We provide continuous communications aligning and energizing the client by facilitating internal and external communications ensuring vision, mission, goals and objectives are aligned to the business and strategic road maps and included in the strategic communication plan driving client buy in.


Since joining forces with Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA), Inc. in October 2021, we have worked diligently to integrate all aspects of our two companies, including our websites.

We encourage you to follow our continuing story on SPA’s website, where you will find the full set of our combined capabilities. As of June 30, 2022, we will no longer maintain this website, so please plan on visiting going forward.

Thank you all for your support!