Transformative Change Services

Responsive and results-oriented transformations are at the core of what we provide at Arena Technologies since our founding in 2003.  While transformation can take on many forms and levels of complexities, our primary goal is to work in partnership with our customers to design and deliver strategies and processes that improve performance, enhance capabilities and strengthen problem solving.

For Arena, transformative change is a cross-functional effort to alter the business, operational and financial elements of an organization, with the intent of producing sustainable organization-wide game-changing results. Our experts provide support in the following areas of expertise:

Organizational Business and Functional Analysis

Arena Technologies evaluates the overall organizational structure, strategic vision, business processes, technology adoption, and culture to evaluate the current functional and operational effectiveness and level of mission performance.

Transformative Change Assessment

Arena Technologies assesses the current functional and operational state of the organization, evaluates the organizational impact of the proposed change, and estimates the complexity and timing for the organization to successfully execute the required change.  Organizational challenges and performance indicators are also captured and leveraged for root cause analysis determination, affected functional and operational elements, and stakeholder identification.  Arena assists organizations in understanding, owning, executing, and managing necessary transformative change initiatives to gain the desired business and operational effectiveness and efficiencies.

Transformative Change Implementation Planning

Arena Technologies assists organizations in the formulation and development of organizational transition plans by identifying activities needed to implement a change initiative as well as the stakeholder impacts from these activities. Leveraging a systematic approach, Arena conducts an organizational assessment to understand the need and complexity of the transition.  The insights gained from the Transformative Change Assessment, provide the critical data elements needed to develop a cohesive implementation plan.   The implementation plan will consist of a series of cohesive phases and action plans that address all functional and operational gaps to achieve the desired end state.  As part of the transformative change implementation planning, risk assessments are performed to identify, understand and manage risk to minimize impacts of a successful transformation.

Shape and Deliver Transformative Change

Arena Technologies helps organizations develop and communicate a clear and compelling vision and roadmap for change.  Arena helps leadership foster a sense of urgency that builds organizational commitment, examines and challenges the status quo, and cultivates a shared vision.   Arena works with leadership to formulate high-performance teams with the right balance of intelligence, experience, and skills to be the guiding coalition to achieve the change.  Clearly structured and balanced change plans are created to organize the initiative into manageable segments that maintain momentum and provide for short- and long-term results.  The change plans and team structure are leveraged to devise new strategies and new ways of functioning. To ensure successful execution of the change initiative as well as assist the organization’s shift to new behavioral norms and mindsets, Arena works with leadership to define and provide clear roles and responsibilities for required accountability, sustained operations, monitoring, and consistency of direction.

Transformative Change Sustainment

To institutionalize the new strategy and operating model new metrics, norms, and values are put in place along with a clear alignment to the strategy, goals, metrics and incentive programs.  Arena works with the organizational elements to establish accountability, monitor progress, demonstrate value, course correct as necessary, and communicate success.  Arena continually works with leadership to strengthen their commitment to change, reinforcing change behaviors and ensure continuity through leadership succession.   As challenges arise, a tactical approach is adopted to react effectively to build trust and keep motivation strong at all operating levels.  Arena recognizes culture is an evolutionary process that will prevail once the new operating model is implemented throughout the organization.  Achieving tangible results quickly, reinforcing the new culture through training and coaching, and highlighting the successes tied to desired behaviors are all catalysts to realize and sustain the transformational change.


Since joining forces with Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA), Inc. in October 2021, we have worked diligently to integrate all aspects of our two companies, including our websites.

We encourage you to follow our continuing story on SPA’s website, where you will find the full set of our combined capabilities. As of June 30, 2022, we will no longer maintain this website, so please plan on visiting going forward.

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